History of the 1895 Holland House

The main house of the bed and breakfast was completely restored over the winter of 1997. It was quite an effort, this old farmhouse had seen its best days long ago.
Tom Hulbert was the builder and architect. The house was gutted, and the floor plans were drawn up, designing the unique trim work and the layout of the inn to mirror the style of an old farmhouse.
After a grueling winter of dust and endless projects, efforts were rewarded with five beautiful bedrooms and a first generation business.

In 2002 the property expanded across the backyard with the restoration of what is called the Quietside Cottage. This house sits about 100 feet across the large backyard of the main house.
It is believed this house was originally built in 1925. It was definitely in need of a complete renovation from the inside out. And so it was done.
Once again Tom went to the drawing board and sketched a mirrored image of the style in the main house, but on a grander scale. Most of the rooms in this house are larger than the main house rooms, with significant sitting areas, and some with a balcony or private patio.
Soothing colors and lots of space top off the already great rooms.

Bar Harbor's village is a wonderful place to spend a holiday, and it is a great place to call home. There is a sense of overwhelming beauty accompanied by awe when approaching Acadia and discovering the riches of this special place. People often don't realize before hand there is an enormous nunmber of things to see and do here. At the Holland Inn, you will be personally guided in finding what is right for you. This makes planning and decision making enjoyable for you, instead of tedious.

At this B&B, your innkeeper will make every effort, to do all the things well, that make staying in one of Bar Harbors' inns a sepcial experience. Comfortable rooms and beds provide traditional B&B flavor, a tasty, well balanced gourmet breakfast is prepared by Evin each day, and guidance and insight are always offered. Matched with the professionalism, this B&B offers just what you need. The entertainment that is served up daily, running the inn and raising two young boys along the way is a an added bonus.